Afara’s welcome party

Afara will be using this avenue to welcome all new and returning students especially those new to Afara Leadership Centre. It is an opportunity to discover how Afara meets the dearth of female leadership, how by participating in Afara’s activities one becomes a proficient professional, able mother and a person with a passion and capability to be a catalyst of positive change in the society.

It will be holding on the 13th of April 2019 and we will be expecting to see you


Why choose to end it -I

Garden Of Heaven

Recently there have been a series of people committing suicide, mostly young people. Sometimes it is because they have lost all hope in life, other times, because they are severely depressed.

But the thing is that we Nigerians think we are immune to
depression, ‘we don’t get depressed’, it is disease of soft people. Depression is
a sickness of the white people. We are resistant to pain and we can adapt to
any type of environment… so why so many deaths due to suicide.

When we tell our friends and family that we are depressed they say snap out of it and move on, not realizing that depression is a sickness of the mind, a real sickness, like breaking a leg or having severe malaria. It is real. It is not just in the mind. And the very fact that it cannot be perceived by the people around is a…

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“I will wait for you” was the title of the video used to begin this session on Love and life, held on saturday the 11th. In the video a poet recites her journey in the “relationship world”. In this ride called dating or courtship, she had met alot of wrong men and had tried to make them conform to what she wanted in her Mr Right. At the end of the poem she realizes that there really was no need to go hunting for her man, he would come to her and all she had to do was Wait!!

The video opened up to a world of discussion on Purity, some myths about dating, the dangers of pre-marital sex, tips on how to find a healthy balance in a realationship and some reminders to take home.

Cross section

The guest speaker was by name Miss Ivie Karen and she gave a few key tips on how to survive in the dating world:

  • Make a promise to self and God and renew that promise everyday.
  • Do not feed your fantasies.
  • Agree on your standards.
  • Be comfortable being alone.
The speaker Miss Ivie Karen

There were many answered questions from the crowd and personal stories that left everyone awestruck and enlightened.

If you happen to miss out this event, you could send us your questions on any of our social media platforms.

Love and Life.

In the advent of divorces, pre-marital sex, open relationships and seperations, many young people have begun to ask about the authenticity of Love. Is love real? Can there be any love that will last “till death does it part”? How can one recognise a love that’s genuie?

It is a bid to handle this crises that Afara will be organising an event titled Love and Live. The event will also seek to answer; When should one enter into a relationship? What is going too far? In every relationship, finding a healthy balance is key and we will be explaining just how you can do that.

  • Date: 11th August 2018

  • Time for the event: 2:30pm

Comments on the event and topic are welcome.

See you there

Last Saturday

Flawless 101 was the theme of the activity at Afara last saturday, the 5th of August. It was all about learning how to be You by enhancing your features with the art of MaKe Up. We got a professional make up artist, Dr. Ursula Ndulue, who taught some hacks and tricks of looking one’s best.

It was a very interactive session and a lot of questions came up and a few new tips from the audience too. In case you missed out, you could ask your questions right here.

I’m sure some people have their own special tricks too. Let’s here it!!

The Anthropology series

Fundamental questions; who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose of life? Are questions whose answers drive and form an individual’s life. It is in a bid to answer these questions that Afara organized a session on Anthropology last Saturday, 7th April 2018.

This session, the first of its many series helped us to discover why the study of Man is important, the different degrees of life possessed by different living beings and why Man is different from the other living things.

While other living beings possess vegetative (plant) life and sensitive (animal) life, Man possesses a Rational or Intellectual life. He is different not because he moves, reproduces or perceives differently. He is different because he reasons, is capable of using his intellect.

But what happens to Man when he remains on the vegetative or sensitive life, will that individual still be called a Man? Or can he be treated as a plant or an animal?
These questions and many more are what these series of classes and discussion hope to help you to answer. You can leave your comments.

The season of Love

Do you believe that it was a coincidence that lent began this year on the 14th of February, a day when many people celebrate love.

For us Christians, lent is also for us a season to remember the greatest act of love done by Love Himself. God sends His son, who becomes man and dies for us, while we were still sinners. “Just think about the wonder of God’s love. Our Lord comes out to meet us, he waits for us, he’s by the roadside where we cannot but see him, and he calls each of us personally, speaking to us about our own things — which are also his. He stirs us to sorrow, opens our conscience to be generous; he encourages us to want to be faithful, so that we can be called his disciples. When we hear these intimate words of grace, which are by way of an affectionate reproach, we realize at once that our Lord has not forgotten us during all the time in which, through our fault, we did not see him. Christ loves us with all the inexhaustible charity of God’s own heart (Saint Josemaria).

Silently, in the presence of our Lord, review and renew your Lenten resolutions today and: “May the fire of your love not be a will-ó-the-wisp, a vain fire, an illusion—an illusion of fire, which neither enkindles what it touches nor gives any heat” (stjosemaria.org)

Picture Story…7 days to go

About Univ

UNIV is an international gathering of university students, which the Institute for University Cooperation (ICU) has sponsored in Rome since 1968. Each year, several thousand students spend Holy Week in Rome, profiting from the cultural and historical riches that the Eternal City has to offer. Throughout the week, ICU provides students with various cultural encounters, conferences, roundtables, showrooms and concerts. All of these activities are occasions to delve more deeply into important matters relevant to the university, highlighting particularly the spirit of service towards those who are most in need.

Where does Afara come in?

Each year, there is a central topic/relevant matter that makes the UNIV theme for the year. Each country breaks down this topic amongst university students into variety of smaller topics in a bid to highlight particularly the spirit of service towards those who are most in need.
Afara is a centre dedicated to forming young women. These formative activities are targeted towards secondary and university students. Through Afara, university students also get to participate in Univ.
What’s this task about :

Feminism as well as other upcoming topics are relevant issues in our present times especially for young women. The idea behind these picture stories is to give each creative mind a chance to air her views even from behind the curtains. 
What’s Afara’s Publicity Package? 
Afara’s publicity package entails exhibition of the wining photo on our social medias and boards with the photo credit to the sender along with brief but detailed explanation sent.

It will also be displayed on the social media networks of a selected popular photographer/blogger affiliated to Afara. The winner also can exhibit her photo personally in the cultural activity on Feminism in afara on the 20th of May.​

One Thing Needful: Retreat.

“…You are anxious and troubled about many things; one thing is needful. Mary has chosen the good portion which shall not be taken away from her” Luke 10:41-42.

Everyone needs a time-0ut once in a while. And more importantly a time to leave aside the daily hustles and bustles for an ever rewarding quality time with God so as to deepen in our understanding of ourselves, our relationship with Him and with others etc etc.

It is also a time to get the spiritual formation and guidance a bubbling youthful soul needs.These and more will be available at this retreat. 
The spiritual retreat organised by Afara will hold at the Lagoon School Lekki from this friday-28th to sunday-30th April 2017
Do you have that longing for the inner enrichment so neccessary in our quest for sanctity? Please feel free to contact us @afara  08023062501 for more details on this retreat and/or subsequent ones if you do.

Don’t forget to Share this information with your friends and family. Someone you know would be very gtateful.