AMAD2015 Diaries 2

The grand and final day of AMAD finally arrived. It had rained in the early hours of the morning and the road had turned muddy, so we couldn’t go with the bus. As we had an appointment with all the students of OACHS Odonoko at 9:00am we had to walk to the junction to lookContinue reading “AMAD2015 Diaries 2”

AMAD2015 Diaries 1

The Leadership Development Programme (LDP) addressed to students of tertiary institutions has the philosophy of leadership through self-leadership and social responsibility. As part of the requirements for graduation, the participants are to carry out community development projects. That earmarked for this year is AMAD! – Afara Makes A Difference, to cater for the needs ofContinue reading “AMAD2015 Diaries 1”

To Serve Our Fatherland

It was a very warm Thursday evening when we arrived at the Ilaje camp house to begin the service project. The house was dusty and needed to be cleaned, so this was our first task. We were itching to have music accompany the cleaning but unfortunately, there was no power…but in the end we madeContinue reading “To Serve Our Fatherland”


On the last day of a 3-day event at Afara Leadership Centre, I with some of my friends visited Modupe Cole Memorial. They are Ilamosi, Emole, Uche, Michelle, Ebele, Benadette and Kosi. Modupe Cole Memorial is a place for people with disabilities (I had no idea!). We arrived at Modupe Cole in the afternoon, with someContinue reading “ECHOES OF A SMILE”

Lekki Conservation

It took a while for this excursion to happen and Thank God it finally did. We set out with the members of Wesley Leadership Club on the 12th of June for Lekki Conservation Centre.  They were very happy so I’ll just let them narrate their stories. Imoleayo: The 12th of June was my first dayContinue reading “Lekki Conservation”

Another Confession…

My year 2014 can definitely be said to have been a fulfilling year with much achievements and exposure to more of life’s opportunities. Major highlights of this great year include my just concluded Afara leadership development program (LDP) and the Afara Makes A Difference (AMAD) project, amongst others. Early this year in March, I boughtContinue reading “Another Confession…”

Leadership for Teens

In both Wesley and Queens’ College Clubs, whenever we take in new members, there is a tendency for the girls in different classes to keep to themselves and not want to mingle with a junior class. We decided to tackle this by introducing several activities in which the girls work in a team. In aContinue reading “Leadership for Teens”

Entrepreneurship and Skills Acquisition

From the 23rd to the 29th of August 2013, a team of over 30 people from Afara worked simultaneously in three neighbouring communities in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State. A medical outreach was also carried out on Saturday 24th August inOkenla – Itamabo by a team of medical doctors, dentists, medical and dental students as well asContinue reading “Entrepreneurship and Skills Acquisition”

Confessions of an LDP/AMAD Participant

I have to say that going on this AMAD trip was one of the highlights of my year. I feel like I appreciate it so much more because I almost missed out on going. A few days to the trip, my parents withdrew their permission and it took a lot of persuading to get themContinue reading “Confessions of an LDP/AMAD Participant”

Friendship: Model for a New Citizenship

FRIENDSHIP: MODEL FOR A NEW CITIZENSHIP Every day, we meet many people from various backgrounds, cultural and social standings who have customs and values different from ours and who might view life differently from the way we view it. These people may be apathetic, sentimental, cerebral, passionate or serene. Out of all these people, someContinue reading “Friendship: Model for a New Citizenship”