Why choose to end it -I

Garden Of Heaven

Recently there have been a series of people committing suicide, mostly young people. Sometimes it is because they have lost all hope in life, other times, because they are severely depressed.

But the thing is that we Nigerians think we are immune to
depression, ‘we don’t get depressed’, it is disease of soft people. Depression is
a sickness of the white people. We are resistant to pain and we can adapt to
any type of environment… so why so many deaths due to suicide.

When we tell our friends and family that we are depressed they say snap out of it and move on, not realizing that depression is a sickness of the mind, a real sickness, like breaking a leg or having severe malaria. It is real. It is not just in the mind. And the very fact that it cannot be perceived by the people around is a…

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