“I will wait for you” was the title of the video used to begin this session on Love and life, held on saturday the 11th. In the video a poet recites her journey in the “relationship world”. In this ride called dating or courtship, she had met alot of wrong men and had tried to make them conform to what she wanted in her Mr Right. At the end of the poem she realizes that there really was no need to go hunting for her man, he would come to her and all she had to do was Wait!!

The video opened up to a world of discussion on Purity, some myths about dating, the dangers of pre-marital sex, tips on how to find a healthy balance in a realationship and some reminders to take home.

Cross section

The guest speaker was by name Miss Ivie Karen and she gave a few key tips on how to survive in the dating world:

  • Make a promise to self and God and renew that promise everyday.
  • Do not feed your fantasies.
  • Agree on your standards.
  • Be comfortable being alone.
The speaker Miss Ivie Karen

There were many answered questions from the crowd and personal stories that left everyone awestruck and enlightened.

If you happen to miss out this event, you could send us your questions on any of our social media platforms.

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