The Anthropology series

Fundamental questions; who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose of life? Are questions whose answers drive and form an individual’s life. It is in a bid to answer these questions that Afara organized a session on Anthropology last Saturday, 7th April 2018.

This session, the first of its many series helped us to discover why the study of Man is important, the different degrees of life possessed by different living beings and why Man is different from the other living things.

While other living beings possess vegetative (plant) life and sensitive (animal) life, Man possesses a Rational or Intellectual life. He is different not because he moves, reproduces or perceives differently. He is different because he reasons, is capable of using his intellect.

But what happens to Man when he remains on the vegetative or sensitive life, will that individual still be called a Man? Or can he be treated as a plant or an animal?
These questions and many more are what these series of classes and discussion hope to help you to answer. You can leave your comments.

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