Cookery Course

The 2016 cookery course ran from on the 30th of May to the 11th of June; two weeks, six classes and seven participants. The participants, among other things, learnt how to prepare intercontinental and local dishes; how to garnish meals; fruit carving and how to make pastries and juices. There were classes on housekeeping as well. In the midst of all of this, we made out time for a picnic/karaoke party/birthday party.

Some of the participants have this to say about the course.

Chidera Okoli

It was a beautiful period. I didn’t expect much but I ended up getting more. I liked that the classes were about the new and old and I am very glad that I didn’t miss the opportunity. I was awesome meeting new people and we definitely had the most beautiful teacher ever!

Elumeze Judith

My experience was wonderful. I loved every class because in each I learnt new things. We cooked good food and I got to eat the delicious meal that I took part in preparing. I also made friends; very funny friends. I am very grateful.

Mary-Joanne Ayotunde

It was a fun, educative and fruitful experience for me. I learnt how to prepare a lot new dishes and pastries as well as housekeeping. It is something I would love to participate in again.

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