DIY: Facials et al

mercy Ibe with miriam after the sessionMercy Ibe from Oprah Benson Beauty Training Institute (OBBTI), Yaba took us on a session on cosmetology. This includes hair care, skin care, cosmetics, manicure, and pedicure.

She let us in on the secrets to looking good without breaking the bank; how to prevent your hair from breaking; how to sieve advice on beauty care which abounds on the net; and most especially the things to avoid if we want to have good hair and skin. On care of the skin, one has to start from the inside; eating well, having a healthy life style and detoxifying once in a while and to exfoliate to remove dead skin.  She had samples of some products and reusable facial masks.

Each person got to mention one beauty need – facial hair, oily face, acne, pimples, thinning and fragile hair, receding hair line, use of cosmetics. She spent the next 45 minutes attending to these needs one after another. Those with oily face can control it with facial cleanser that will reduce oily production on their face, facials scrubs can also help those with pimples and black head. The idea is to remove dead skin and keep the face clean. They may combine it with facial cleansers.  They have to resist the temptation to keep touching their face us this may worsen the acne. Facial scrubs allow the skin to breathe and leave it softer and nice. It is something everyone should do once in a while and if one can, the whole body too! There is a homemade recipe with brown sugar and honey.

As a lot of people had hair issues, she went into details. The condition “alopecia” i.e. hair loss is as a result of overzealous handling of the hair (especially with braids). The remedy is to let the hair rest, and avoid using so much chemical products on it. She encouraged us to come to their school for hair analysis and management. Some people met her afterwards for more details on hair care.

The participants with the resource person,Mercy Ibe after the sessionNancy Orjinta has already started a 6-weeks anti breakage treatment and is a testimony to their expertise.

It was not a long session but we all got the message which is that we have to have a holistic approach to this thing of beauty. Not just fine hair and face but a full and healthy package and most especially to steer away from products and procedures that seem great at first but cause lasting damage.

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