Lekki Conservation

IMAG0404editedIt took a while for this excursion to happen and Thank God it finally did. We set out with the members of Wesley Leadership Club on the 12th of June for Lekki Conservation Centre.  They were very happy so I’ll just let them narrate their stories.


The 12th of June was my first day of ever going on an excursion and I really enjoyed myself. On our way, I saw places like the Oriental hotel, PSG’s place and a clay arts place that I had only heard about. In fact, the funniest thing was that it was my first time going to Lekki, and we went to the Palm’s shopping mall! Before we got in, a security woman checked us and then we had the opportunity of going round the mall. I was impressed with the things I saw on display and I was excited when I saw a white man and a lot of people buying things. In addition, I saw a game station and genesis deluxe cinemas.

Finally, we got to the Conservation Centre and a man introduced himself and told us some things we should know before going into the conservation park. The place was founded in 1980 and registered in 1982, and the renovation of the auditorium was done by Chevron in continued support for the Nigerian Conservation Foundation. Next, we went into the forest and there were lots of monkeys, they were uncountable! We saw a Tilapia fish and Koi fish pond. After that we climbed a bridge that helped us to see the forest from the top. Climbing the bridge was scary, in fact, I will never climb that thing again. I was very happy that I had a lot of fun. It was really nice.


On our way to Lekki Conservation centre, we stopped at the shopping mall and did some window-shopping. I saw many things like clothes, jewelry, phones, wigs, shoes, lace and Cold Stone ice-cream. Close to the exit, I saw a board that had pictures of criminals and it said that if the above person is found in the premises, we should report to the security. That was a bit unnerving. We bought some refreshments and left.

When we got to the conservation centre, we had a pep talk and the man introduced himself as Uncle Michael. We saw some monkeys scratching one another’s back and we saw lots of other animals in their natural habitat like the Tortoise, Peacock, Peahen and many more.PicMonkey Collage4

I loved the bridge walkway and the guide that led us into the park and I also liked the green grass savanna. I saw some recreational games like chess and ludo, the koi fish pond, a frog and a Japanese fish and even more interestingly, I got to put my legs into the water. I had so much fun.


I liked the environment, the beautiful houses especially the one that looked like a hut and the Tilapia and Koi fish. I learnt that plants and animals are very important to human beings because of the gases we exchange with them. They also help to prevent flood and it is good to show the next generation how important they are. I had the most fun with the swing and when I climbed the bridge walkway.


I really liked the part where we climbed the walkway and I enjoyed the refreshment.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience for all of them. We hope that we’ll be able to do this more often because it’s a great way for the students to learn and relax at the same time.


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Afara Leadership Centre was set up in 1987 to provide an enabling environment for total personal development as well as growth in leadership skills and values for young women in their years of secondary and tertiary education. It is located at 25 Thorburn Avenue, off Montgomery, Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria. It is a project of Women’s Board of the Education Cooperation Society, a Nigerian not-for-profit, non-governmental organization. The spiritual formation given in the Centre is entrusted to Opus Dei, an institution of the Catholic Church

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