Family Series (3): LGBT Issues Affecting the Family

homoOn the 2nd of May, the third and last session of the talk on the family was held. Our own Ms. Dolapo Afolami gave a perfect finish with a session on; The LGBT Issues Affecting the Family. LGBT is a coined them for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender.

She started with a rather funny question. What will you do to a person who is mentally challenged? Pray, bind and cast, put the person in chains… It was only much later that we understood why she had asked this question.

By way of introduction, she defined the family as the basic unit of society, and marriage as the cornerstone on which the family is built. In recent times there has been a conceited attack on the family as an institution. The most recent being the ongoing attempt to redefine Marriage. If this basic unit is destabilized the future of the human society is at stake.Lest we jump the cart, let us pause to ask, what exactly is Marriage? What is its purpose? Marriage is the mutual consent of the man and the woman consummated in the marital act. Hence we can deduce its purpose; companionship, procreation, education of children. In a nutshell, marriage is for bonding and for babies. So marriage is not a joke andis not something done on a whim!

Speaking on the broad topic of marriage and conjugal love, Ms. Afolami stated that marriage is in the divine plan. It is a natural institution willed by God and gifted with specific and proper ends. It has been elevated to a sacrament in the new covenashutterstock_120659380_Happy_African_American_Family_Matches_119206396nt. Marriage is established by the free, irrevocable and mutual consent of the man and woman but it does not receive its laws from them. Marriage is manifested in conjugal love. This form of communion and its prospective end, fruitfulness is impossible in people of the same sex. Conjugal love demands sexual differentiation and complementarity; it is only madness to be talking about a marriage between people of the same sex.

We keep saying that the common good of marriage has been under threat. These include polygamy, divorce, contraception, abortion, artificial reproductive technologies. Whatever goes against any of the ends of marriage, goes against marriage. This present attempt at redefining marriage will have far-reaching repercussions. The new definition replaces “a man and a woman” with “two people”. This is the LGBT Agenda; to equate homosexual unions to marriage. Homosexual unions have ceased to be a private choice; rather it is now being forced down the throat of the society. It is necessary that we defend the common good of the family because once the family collapses, society is in ruins. We can already see the tell-tale signs.

There is a need to identify generalized mindsets that could be an obstacle to the proper understanding of marriage and family and show the incoherence in these ideas. Some of these are

  1. The myth of population explosiongty_supreme_court_gay_marriage_wy_130326_wmain
  2. Pregnancy as a problem/disease
  3. The avoidance of what is difficult

A lot has gone wrong but it is never too late to start going right. The session was an eye-opener to the participants who had never given a thought to these things. Ignorance, my dears, should never be an excuse.

Published by Afara Leadership Centre

Afara Leadership Centre was set up in 1987 to provide an enabling environment for total personal development as well as growth in leadership skills and values for young women in their years of secondary and tertiary education. It is located at 25 Thorburn Avenue, off Montgomery, Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria. It is a project of Women’s Board of the Education Cooperation Society, a Nigerian not-for-profit, non-governmental organization. The spiritual formation given in the Centre is entrusted to Opus Dei, an institution of the Catholic Church

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