Afara’s welcome party

Afara will be using this avenue to welcome all new and returning students especially those new to Afara Leadership Centre. It is an opportunity to discover how Afara meets the dearth of female leadership, how by participating in Afara's activities one becomes a proficient professional, able mother and a person with a passion and capability … Continue reading Afara’s welcome party

Why choose to end it -I

Garden Of Heaven

Recently there have been a series of people committing suicide, mostly young people. Sometimes it is because they have lost all hope in life, other times, because they are severely depressed.

But the thing is that we Nigerians think we are immune to
depression, ‘we don’t get depressed’, it is disease of soft people. Depression is
a sickness of the white people. We are resistant to pain and we can adapt to
any type of environment… so why so many deaths due to suicide.

When we tell our friends and family that we are depressed they say snap out of it and move on, not realizing that depression is a sickness of the mind, a real sickness, like breaking a leg or having severe malaria. It is real. It is not just in the mind. And the very fact that it cannot be perceived by the people around is a…

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The Writing Process Master Class.

"It is not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are" Roy Disney. The Writing Process Master Class which took place from June to August 2017 in Afara Leadership Centre opened up new horizons for the participating students. It was indeed a source of motivation and encouragement especially for the ones who … Continue reading The Writing Process Master Class.

Picture Story…7 days to go

About Univ UNIV is an international gathering of university students, which the Institute for University Cooperation (ICU) has sponsored in Rome since 1968. Each year, several thousand students spend Holy Week in Rome, profiting from the cultural and historical riches that the Eternal City has to offer. Throughout the week, ICU provides students with various … Continue reading Picture Story…7 days to go